10 Tips for a More Organised Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe a cluttered mess, and are you always struggling to find your favourite outfits? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with these 10 tips for a more organised large wardrobe.

1. Empty and evaluate

Start by emptying your entire wardrobe and evaluating your clothes. Separate them into piles (keep, donate, and discard) based on their condition and how often you wear them.

2. Choose the right furniture

Invest in a large wardrobe with ample storage space. Look for one with various sections such as hanging rails, shelves, and drawers to accommodate different types of clothes and accessories.

3. Use matching hangers

Uniform hangers not only make your wardrobe look neater but also, save space. Opt for slim, non-slip variety, and avoid using clunky or wired options.

4. Organise by category

Group similar clothing items together, such as dresses, shirts, trousers, etc. This makes it easier to locate items and keeps your wardrobe tidy.

5. Colour coordination

Arranging your clothes by colour is not only visually appealing, but can also aid in identifying and locating specific items quickly, saving you time when getting dressed.

6. Store off-season clothing elsewhere

Move your off-season clothes to a separate storage area such as under-bed storage boxes or vacuum-sealed bags. This frees up wardrobe space for current-season clothes.

7. Maximise space with accessories organisers

Utilise hanging or drawer inserts to organise smaller items such as ties, belts, or jewellery. These keep your accessories tidy and easily accessible.

8. Keep an eye on the top shelf

The top shelf of your wardrobe can become a dumping ground for forgotten items. Invest in storage baskets or clear plastic boxes to store seasonal items or less frequently used accessories. Label them for easy identification.

9. Adopt a one-in-one-out policy

Avoid overfilling your wardrobe by creating a rule that for every new item that you buy, you will donate, sell, or discard one existing item. This will help to maintain a manageable collection.

10. Regular maintenance

Ensure you do routine checks of your wardrobe, putting items back in their designated places and discarding any that are damaged or no longer needed. Keep a small donation box nearby to collect items to be donated or sold.

In conclusion, an organised wardrobe not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also, facilitates your daily dressing routine, making it quicker and stress-free. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a clean and clutter-free large wardrobe.