Achieving a More Sustainable Wardrobe: An Organisation Guide


For furniture enthusiasts with piles of clothing and a love for the environment, optimizing and organizing a large wardrobe can be a rewarding endeavor. As you might imagine, a sustainable wardrobe goes beyond simply buying eco-friendly clothes—it’s about taking conscious steps towards reducing environmental impact, waste, and clutter. Here, we will delve into an organization guide designed to help you achieve a more sustainable wardrobe.


1. Declutter With Purpose: Avoid impulsiveness and gather all your clothing in one place to get a clear perspective of what you have and what needs to go. Don’t be too hasty to throw away; consider mending, donating, or recycling clothing.

2. Organize By Occasion: Segregation into everyday wear, formal wear, seasonal wear, etc., can drastically improve accessibility and reduce the temptation of buying unnecessary clothing.

3. Utilise All Available Space: Use the entire wardrobe, including door hooks, upper shelves, lower floors, and hidden pockets.

4. Encourage a Circular Economy: When buying new pieces, select furniture brands that promote sustainability, restorations, and recycling.

5. Invest in Quality Pieces: Though a bit pricey, high-quality clothes last longer, reducing the need for replacements.

6. Install Adequate Lighting: Proper lighting can deter us from overbuying simply by making it easier to see what’s already in our wardrobe.

7. Practice Conscious Buying: Pause before you buy. Ask yourself, ‘Do I truly need this? Does it complement my existing wardrobe?’

8. Inculcate Minimalistic Living: Keep only what you need and love. Avoid going overboard with purchases.

9. Create a ‘Maybe Box:’ For those items you’re unsure about, place them in here—for review after a few months.

10. Foster an Organized Culture: To maintain a sustainable wardrobe, make a habit of returning items to their designated place after every use.


Achieving a sustainable wardrobe might seem daunting initially but remember, it’s a gradual process. It doesn’t just contribute towards a more organized lifestyle, but also plays a huge part in conserving our environment. So, take the first step to declutter, then organize, and finally maintain sustainability in your large wardrobe. Not only will this make your wardrobe tidier, but it’ll also provide more space for other furniture enthusiasts to appreciate.