Choosing a Bedside Table


A bedside table is a portable table designed to perch somewhere in the bedroom. It has bedside shelves planned in a bedroom depository manner. The shelves hold items like sleeping masks, bedside lamps, and crucial applicant oil. It is used as a substitute for a nightstand.

Importance of bedside tables

  • It temporarily stores the requisite items required throughout the night.
  • It helps to reduce bedroom accidents.
  • Reduces time wastage for night practices through ease to reach the essential items.
  • Enhances cleanliness since they make the room more organized.
  • It allows flowers to be used for decoration.

Qualities of good bedside tables

  • Should have quality furniture that lays storage of non-identical items.
  • The cabinet size should equal the heights and lengths of the bed for it to be satisfactory.
  • The carpenter should plan the drawers and shelves in a way that can accommodate different items.

Characteristics of night tables

Height and width should align with the mattress. When they are poorly matched, they bring inconvenience and dissatisfaction. Wide bedside tables will also occupy a lot of space.

Storage space. It should be contemplated according to the many items used during the night. Critical items are likely to occupy more space on large bedside tables.

The bedroom color should match the bed color for beautiful countenance. The color of the table should be the same as that of the bed. White bedside tables should go with white bedroom paint.

Lights and shades should rhyme with the bed size and the bedside table. Shades and styles should be uniform. For instance, tall bedside tables should line tall beds and mid-century bedside tables are needed for mid-century bedrooms.

Reliability. A complex, good-shaped table will last longer depending on the materials used. Pine bedside tables are a great selection as they are hardy and reliable.

Tylko brand

Tylko, are the makers and marketers of bedside tables in the UK. They have tables that fit the small bedroom and offer enough space for keeping the necessary items at an arm’s reach. They also offer cheap bedside tables and furniture all are of high quality.


When choosing a bespoke bedside table or any other type, one should consider the contributions it has to their bedroom and the impacts that it brings. Choosing the next bedside tables depends on the height and width, the type of material, and color, enhancing their suitability for its work.